Scam Alert - Counterfeit Checks (Click here to learn more)

We have been made aware of fraudulent Chocolate Bayou Credit Union cashiers checks being sent to people around the country with a letter indicating the check is for completing a survey and steps to proceed forward in claiming your money. These are not legitimate! Please do not deposit the check, as it will be returned as counterfeit. Thank you for your understanding!


Questions? We can help

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M-F 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Stop Fraud in its Tracks!

Chocolate Bayou’s card management app, Card Valet, allows you to connect your cards straight to your phone. Get notified every time your card is used! You will have the ability to lock your card, if you get notified for something you did not do. Begin protecting yourself from fraud today!

CardValet is available for download in your Apple or Google Play store.

  • Download for Apple
  • Download for Android
  • Below are a few great features of CardValet!

    Fraud Protection

    • Real-time alerts to let you know when your card is used
    • Ability to set your card to only work in specific geographic areas
    • “Lock” your card, so no purchases can be made

    Control Spending

    • Set up spending limits or use thresholds for certain merchants like gas, groceries, etc.
    • Check your balance and monitor your recent card transactions.
    Lost or stolen card?
    Debit: call 1-800-472-3272 | Credit: call 1-888-502-9702