Flooded Vehicles Will Soon be on the Market!

We know that many of our members will be looking to replace their vehicles that were lost in the floods. Unfortunately, much of the inventory of many of the dealers around the area were damaged as well during the storm, and many of these cars will find their way back into the used car market. Most will be poorly reconditioned and may be unsafe to drive. Many vehicles will have their titles “washed”, leaving no sign of the damage or they will be repaired and not totaled by insurance. The only way to protect yourself from financing one of these vehicles is a mechanical inspection by a trained professional.

To help you in the purchase of your new car, Chocolate Bayou has partnered with Auto Exam, and we will refund the inspection fee if you finance your car with us. Below is an article that can help you determine if a car has had flood damage, but to be 100% sure you should have the car examined by a professional.

How to Check for Water Damage in a Used Car