Important Things to Know About Chocolate Bayou Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is available through our Shared Branching Network – members who are eligible for Shared Branching are eligible for Mobile Banking. Call (281) 331-2253 for more information.

Chocolate Bayou’s Mobile App is available to our members.

  • For iPhone users you can locate the App Store. (  Search for Chocolate Bayou Mobile CU
  • For Android Users you can find our app in Google Play ( Search for Chocolate Bayou Mobile CU
  • For members who have internet Access on their phone but do not have a smart phone, go to our Mobile Banking Website ( on your mobile phone) and select login.
  • Listed below are some important differences between a PC driven Home Banking Product and our new Mobile App.  As with all other App’s, our Mobile Banking is a scaled down version of the Home Banking product, allowing members to access and review accounts on the go.


  • Register on-line at
  • We recommend you register on-line with your PC for ease of viewing.
  • When registering you will need to know how the account is styled: The registration will ask you for the following:
    • Primary Account Number
    • Name as It Appears on the Account
      • If your name is Joseph Jones but the credit union has set up your account as Joe Jones, then you must enter Joe Jones.
      • If you are unsure how your account is styled: Log into your Home Banking Account and your name will appear as it appears in our system.
    • Last 5 digits of the SSN
    • 5 Digit Zip Code

Unlock Account

Unlock Account can be done through Mobile Banking, no need to call the Credit Union. For security reasons, (access to your phone), the Credit Union is unable to unlock your account. But through Mobile Banking you can reset your own account.

  • To Unlock your account go to the Home Screen and click on Register/Manage Account Button.
  • The next screen will have the Option: Forgot User ID or password, follow the prompts after that.
  • You will have to re-register again, but you can use the same Username and Password you selected before.

Account Summary Screen

Account Summary Screen will display the “Available Balance”. So if you have a Christmas Club Account, the balance may read $0.00 since it is a restricted account. But the account detail will give you the current balance. CD’s, EMMA’S and IRA’s will not be displayed on the Account Summary Screen since they are non-transactional accounts.

Joint Owner Access

Joint Owner Access is provided in Mobile Banking. Members have the ability for a separate access through their own User ID and passwords to joint accounts. The Joint Owner will need to use their SSN to access the account and to distinguish between the two User ID’s.


30 Days of History is available on all accounts.

Loan Payment

  • Available through Transfer Options
  • Loan payment amount is not available. But you can look at the loan history to find out what you have paid in the last 30 days.
  • Pay off information and accrued interest is not available on Mobile Banking, but you can log on to our Home Banking Site or contact us at 281.331.2253.

eDeposits (Mobile Deposit)

When signing the back of the check, proper eDeposit endorsement must include the following information:

  • The words “For Mobile Deposit Only”
  • Your Signature
  • Your Account Number

The maximum daily amount of eDeposits is $5,000.

Funds Availability on eDeposits: The checks you deposit will be visible in your account quickly, but availability of those funds may be delayed. Most checks will post with a three day hold. The checks will be sent to the Credit Union for review and then will be forwarded on to the Financial Institution they are drawn upon. The Financial Institution has the option of denying funds due to insufficient funds, Stop Payments placed on the check, Account Closed or various other reasons. Three days will allow the Financial Institutions to verify and authorize funds. eDeposits are a convenience product, but all checks must still pass through standard processing.

Your checks will be on hold for 3 Business days and the Credit Union will be unable to release that hold.

Hold onto your checks for 60 days, to insure check clearing in case the check is rejected at the Federal Reserve Bank.

Checks can still be rejected for illegible hand-writing, amount variance, fraud risks, exceeding thresholds, large dollar amounts.

  • Any check over $1,000.00 will require manual review before being processed
  • If there is a variance of more than $1.00 between the numeric amount of the check and the written portion of the check, the check will require manual review before being processed.
  • Items that have a greater than $5.00 variance will be rejected.

Check Deposit will be reversed for account closed, insufficient funds, stop payments and various other items that might cause a check to be returned.

Patterned or Busy Checks (checks with images in the background) may be rejected because the system is unable to distinguish check details and background images.

Blue and black inks are the easiest colors for the product to read. Other colors (i.e. red, green, purple) may cause the check to reject.

Cross Accounting

  • Cross Accounting is not available.
  • Each account for security purposes will have a separate login.
  • Cross Account Transfers are not available through Mobile Banking, but you can access this functionality through our Home Banking product.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is offered on Home Banking but is not available on Mobile Banking.