Phone Scams

Unsolicited vendors may contact you claiming to be Chocolate Bayou offering to reduce the interest rate on your Credit Card. CBCFCU will never contact you via phone for promotional rates. These scam artists are attempting to capture your identification and credit card information. Please be aware that they do not represent your Credit Union and their objective is to obtain your identification and financial information.

Text Us

We know that our members are busy people! You can send us a quick text inquiring about general information including:

  • Hours of Operations
  • Loan Rates
  • Deposit Rates
  • Promotions
  • Event Information
  • Phone Numbers
  • And much more!

We cannot text regarding account information for security reasons, so please call the main line for account-specific questions.

Text us at: (281) 331-2253

We have implemented a Keywords system. If you text us one of the keywords below, you will receive an immediate response with your requested information (message must contain the keyword only).

Cards” – Lost or stolen card
Rates“ – Link to loan rates
Promos” – Link to our current promotions
Hours” – Link to Locations & Hours page
News” – Link to our newsletter
Locations” – Link to Locations & Hours page



This service is free to use; however, your use may result in charges imposed by your network operator. The credit union is not responsible for usage charges.

Courtesy Pay

We recently upgraded our system and now have the ability to offer members a service called Courtesy Pay (formerly Overdraft Privilege). If you already had the Overdraft Privilege service, the service was carried over as Courtesy Pay. In the past, we had the ability to offer this service for checks and automated clearing house (ACH) transactions, but we did not have the ability to offer the service for ATM or one-time debit point of sale (POS) transactions.

The good news is we can now offer the service for ATM or one time debit (POS) transactions, but you must opt in to the service. To do so, you can complete the form below and return it to us or you may call us at (281) 331-2253 to opt in. If you have a qualifying checking account, this service allows you to draw your account negative up to $750, with a $30 fee per transaction. This service can be handy if you make a mistake in your check book register, thereby approving a transaction which may have previously been denied at the merchant. Courtesy Pay can also be useful if you have an emergency and need access to funds unexpectedly. Be sure to sign up today!

Print this form, sign, and return to us in person or mail to PO Box 1694, Alvin, TX 77512, Attn: Payment Services Department or simply call us at (281) 331-2253.

Download Form

If you opt in, you may revoke your consent by calling us at (281) 331-2253. You may also revoke your consent at any branch location or by writing us at PO Box 1694, Alvin, TX 77512, Attn: Payment Services Department.


How We Are Working To Keep You Secure

Proactive Measures

Chocolate Bayou Credit Union employs full-time security staff dedicated to continually monitoring networks for suspicious activity. We have a wide range of security measures, including:

  • Network intrusion monitoring and proactive elimination
  • Multilayer continuous antivirus and malware scanning
  • Quarterly data security assessments by certified third party professionals
  • Data encryption

Staff Efforts to Keep Your Information Secure

  • All Chocolate Bayou employees are required to attend mandatory security training and follow industry best practices as outlined in our Information Security Policy.
  • We have developed an Incident Response Plan based on industry best practices to provide clear directions for handling network security incidents.

We are fully prepared to handle all aspects of sensitive data protection, from classification of critical assets to detailed steps regarding malicious software containment.

Our Commitment to Secure Communication

Chocolate Bayou will not solicit through any means including phone calls, letters, emails or text messages asking for personal information such as your member account number, password, or personal identification number (PIN).

Giving your PIN to anyone constitutes an authorized use. Report any suspicious messages to Chocolate Bayou immediately.

Report Suspicious Activity

If you suspect any fraudulent or suspicious activity, call us immediately at metro (281) 331-2253.

Debit Card Best Practices


In today’s high-tech world, nearly everyone has a debit card. Unfortunately, fraudsters are tirelessly working to capitalize on your private financial information, attempting to trick you (or the merchants at which you shop) into “swiping” over the goods. Because debit card safety is a top priority for Chocolate Bayou, we wanted to share some tips to keep you (and your information) safe from potential debit card fraud.

6 Safety Tips for Debit Card Users

Series with a variety of people having a meal in a fancy restaurant.

  1. Don’t use your debit card online. If you use your debit card with an online retailer who is hacked or is not legitimate, the funds tied to that card could be at risk. The best way you can protect your money while shopping online is to use a credit card. In the event your credit card is compromised, you will still have access to the hard-earned money tied to your debit card.
    Apply for A Credit Card >>
  2. Contact us before travelling. Whether you’re heading to Dallas for business or taking a family trip to Disney World – give us a call. When you use your debit card outside of your “normal spending area” and you don’t give us a heads up, your card could be flagged for “Fraud.”
  3. Use cash when dining out. Did you know many cards are compromised at restaurants? Unfortunately, you don’t know what your server could be doing with your card when he or she walks away. The best way to protect your card information: use cash.
  4. Insert your “Chip” wherever possible. If you’re paying with your debit card, be sure to insert the “Chip” side if you can. Paying with chip technology is far more secure than swiping because it is much harder for fraudsters to gain access to your information.
  5. Check the card insert at gas stations and ATMs. If the card insert feels loose or broken, it could indicate that a card skimming device has been installed. Card skimmers are put in place by fraudsters who hope to capture your card information for later use.
  6. Monitor your accounts as often as possible. Be sure to check your account transactions on a regular basis. With tools like online and mobile banking, you don’t have to wait to receive your statement to view your transactions. Remember, you have 60 days to initiate a dispute for a fraudulent transaction on your account, so report suspected fraud as soon as possible.

I hope these tips will help you to keep your debit card information safe from fraudsters. Should you suspect your debit or credit card has become compromised, report it to us immediately by calling (281) 331-2253.

StacieBonus Debit Card Tip: If you haven’t already, sign up for Card Cash to earn cash back when you use your debit card! Learn more>> 

Thank you so much for your membership,

Stacie Gilmore
Member Service Supervisor

New CEO Announced


Chocolate Bayou Community Federal Credit Union Announces Selection of New CEO

Alvin, TX – Gary Angeles has been named as Chocolate Bayou Community Federal Credit Union’s new president/CEO effective Friday, July 1, 2016. Angeles is replacing long-time CEO Gary Davis, who is retiring after over 25 years at the credit union. The executive search was conducted by Credit Union Resources for the $110 million dollar credit union.

Previously the COO at Pima Federal Credit Union in Tucson, Arizona, Angeles was a member of the executive team responsible for leading the direction of the credit union including the IT Department, Payment Services Department, call center, and all credit union facilities.

During his leadership, Pima’s asset size grew 35% over five years while maintaining a healthy capital ratio of 10.41%. As project manager, Angeles led the Pima team through a successful core banking conversion which included the credit union’s core platform as well as changes to Internet banking, mobile banking, bill pay, eStatements, and optical storage systems.

With nearly 28 years of operations experience within the financial services industry, Angeles will help Chocolate Bayou Community continue its mission to improve the lives of its membership through exceptional service. Angeles is recognized in the industry for his strong leadership skills and the ability to motivate all levels of an organization.

Angeles is currently attending the CUES CEO School, and has certification from CUNA as a Credit Union Compliance Expert.  Angeles also holds certificates from Payments Resource One for ACH and Fraud/Risk Management.

About Chocolate Bayou Community Federal Credit Union
Established in 1962, Chocolate Bayou Community Federal Credit Union is the original credit union of Brazoria County. With assets over $100 million and over 13,000 members, Chocolate Bayou is a cooperative, not-for-profit organization providing low cost financial services for anyone who lives, works, or worships in Brazoria County. Chocolate Bayou has office locations in Alvin and Pearland, as well as both Alvin and Manvel High Schools. Further information is available at


Important Things to Know About Chocolate Bayou Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is available through our Shared Branching Network – members who are eligible for Shared Branching are eligible for Mobile Banking. Call (281) 331-2253 for more information.

Chocolate Bayou’s Mobile App is available to our members.

  • For iPhone users you can locate the App Store. (  Search for Chocolate Bayou Mobile CU
  • For Android Users you can find our app in Google Play ( Search for Chocolate Bayou Mobile CU
  • For members who have internet Access on their phone but do not have a smart phone, go to our Mobile Banking Website ( on your mobile phone) and select login.
  • Listed below are some important differences between a PC driven Home Banking Product and our new Mobile App.  As with all other App’s, our Mobile Banking is a scaled down version of the Home Banking product, allowing members to access and review accounts on the go.


  • Register on-line at
  • We recommend you register on-line with your PC for ease of viewing.
  • When registering you will need to know how the account is styled: The registration will ask you for the following:
    • Primary Account Number
    • Name as It Appears on the Account
      • If your name is Joseph Jones but the credit union has set up your account as Joe Jones, then you must enter Joe Jones.
      • If you are unsure how your account is styled: Log into your Home Banking Account and your name will appear as it appears in our system.
    • Last 5 digits of the SSN
    • 5 Digit Zip Code

Unlock Account

Unlock Account can be done through Mobile Banking, no need to call the Credit Union. For security reasons, (access to your phone), the Credit Union is unable to unlock your account. But through Mobile Banking you can reset your own account.

  • To Unlock your account go to the Home Screen and click on Register/Manage Account Button.
  • The next screen will have the Option: Forgot User ID or password, follow the prompts after that.
  • You will have to re-register again, but you can use the same Username and Password you selected before.

Account Summary Screen

Account Summary Screen will display the “Available Balance”. So if you have a Christmas Club Account, the balance may read $0.00 since it is a restricted account. But the account detail will give you the current balance. CD’s, EMMA’S and IRA’s will not be displayed on the Account Summary Screen since they are non-transactional accounts.

Joint Owner Access

Joint Owner Access is provided in Mobile Banking. Members have the ability for a separate access through their own User ID and passwords to joint accounts. The Joint Owner will need to use their SSN to access the account and to distinguish between the two User ID’s.


30 Days of History is available on all accounts.

Loan Payment

  • Available through Transfer Options
  • Loan payment amount is not available. But you can look at the loan history to find out what you have paid in the last 30 days.
  • Pay off information and accrued interest is not available on Mobile Banking, but you can log on to our Home Banking Site or contact us at 281.331.2253.

eDeposits (Mobile Deposit)

When signing the back of the check, proper eDeposit endorsement must include the following information:

  • The words “For Mobile Deposit Only”
  • Your Signature
  • Your Account Number

The maximum daily amount of eDeposits is $5,000.

Funds Availability on eDeposits: The checks you deposit will be visible in your account quickly, but availability of those funds may be delayed. Most checks will post with a three day hold. The checks will be sent to the Credit Union for review and then will be forwarded on to the Financial Institution they are drawn upon. The Financial Institution has the option of denying funds due to insufficient funds, Stop Payments placed on the check, Account Closed or various other reasons. Three days will allow the Financial Institutions to verify and authorize funds. eDeposits are a convenience product, but all checks must still pass through standard processing.

Your checks will be on hold for 3 Business days and the Credit Union will be unable to release that hold.

Hold onto your checks for 60 days, to insure check clearing in case the check is rejected at the Federal Reserve Bank.

Checks can still be rejected for illegible hand-writing, amount variance, fraud risks, exceeding thresholds, large dollar amounts.

  • Any check over $1,000.00 will require manual review before being processed
  • If there is a variance of more than $1.00 between the numeric amount of the check and the written portion of the check, the check will require manual review before being processed.
  • Items that have a greater than $5.00 variance will be rejected.

Check Deposit will be reversed for account closed, insufficient funds, stop payments and various other items that might cause a check to be returned.

Patterned or Busy Checks (checks with images in the background) may be rejected because the system is unable to distinguish check details and background images.

Blue and black inks are the easiest colors for the product to read. Other colors (i.e. red, green, purple) may cause the check to reject.

Cross Accounting

  • Cross Accounting is not available.
  • Each account for security purposes will have a separate login.
  • Cross Account Transfers are not available through Mobile Banking, but you can access this functionality through our Home Banking product.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is offered on Home Banking but is not available on Mobile Banking.

Financial Fridays

Fridays aren’t your average end-of-the-workweek days at Chocolate Bayou – they are Financial Fridays where members can meet with a financial adviser to plan investment strategies.

Paul Grover, from SWBC Investment Services, is at the Alvin office each Friday to assist members with the ins-and-outs of their investment goals and objectives. His consultations are complimentary.

Paul is available to help members create a personal financial strategy using financial products, services, investments, annuities and insurance. He is a registered representative with over 14 years experience who can help guide your ideas for Financial Security into Financial Reality.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Paying for a college education
  • Estate Planning
  • 401K/pension rollovers
  • Insurance Planning
  • Mutual Funds
  • Annuities

To arrange for a complimentary financial consultation, stop by any Friday or call or e-mail 281.851.6508 or

Supervisory Office:
Chris Davis
SWBC Investment Services, LLC
9311 San Pedro, Suite 600 • San Antonio, TX  78216
(210) 321-7357  Office • (210) 581-1672  Fax

Securities offered through SWBC Investment Services LLC, a registered broker/dealer. Member FINRA & SIPC. Advisory services offered through SWBC Investment Company, a Registered Investment Advisor. SWBC Investment Services, LLC & SWBC Investment Company are not affiliated with Chocolate Bayou Community FCU. NO CREDIT UNION GUARANTEE. NOT NCUSIF INSURED. MAY LOSE VALUE.

Check the background of this investment professional on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.