Courtesy Pay

We recently upgraded our system and now have the ability to offer members a service called Courtesy Pay (formerly Overdraft Privilege). If you already had the Overdraft Privilege service, the service was carried over as Courtesy Pay. In the past, we had the ability to offer this service for checks and automated clearing house (ACH) transactions, but we did not have the ability to offer the service for ATM or one-time debit point of sale (POS) transactions.

The good news is we can now offer the service for ATM or one time debit (POS) transactions, but you must opt in to the service. To do so, you can complete the form below and return it to us or you may call us at (281) 331-2253 to opt in. If you have a qualifying checking account, this service allows you to draw your account negative up to $750, with a $30 fee per transaction. This service can be handy if you make a mistake in your check book register, thereby approving a transaction which may have previously been denied at the merchant. Courtesy Pay can also be useful if you have an emergency and need access to funds unexpectedly. Be sure to sign up today!

Print this form, sign, and return to us in person or mail to PO Box 1694, Alvin, TX 77512, Attn: Payment Services Department or simply call us at (281) 331-2253.

Download Form

If you opt in, you may revoke your consent by calling us at (281) 331-2253. You may also revoke your consent at any branch location or by writing us at PO Box 1694, Alvin, TX 77512, Attn: Payment Services Department.