Debit Card Best Practices


In today’s high-tech world, nearly everyone has a debit card. Unfortunately, fraudsters are tirelessly working to capitalize on your private financial information, attempting to trick you (or the merchants at which you shop) into “swiping” over the goods. Because debit card safety is a top priority for Chocolate Bayou, we wanted to share some tips to keep you (and your information) safe from potential debit card fraud.

6 Safety Tips for Debit Card Users

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  1. Don’t use your debit card online. If you use your debit card with an online retailer who is hacked or is not legitimate, the funds tied to that card could be at risk. The best way you can protect your money while shopping online is to use a credit card. In the event your credit card is compromised, you will still have access to the hard-earned money tied to your debit card.
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  2. Contact us before travelling. Whether you’re heading to Dallas for business or taking a family trip to Disney World – give us a call. When you use your debit card outside of your “normal spending area” and you don’t give us a heads up, your card could be flagged for “Fraud.”
  3. Use cash when dining out. Did you know many cards are compromised at restaurants? Unfortunately, you don’t know what your server could be doing with your card when he or she walks away. The best way to protect your card information: use cash.
  4. Insert your “Chip” wherever possible. If you’re paying with your debit card, be sure to insert the “Chip” side if you can. Paying with chip technology is far more secure than swiping because it is much harder for fraudsters to gain access to your information.
  5. Check the card insert at gas stations and ATMs. If the card insert feels loose or broken, it could indicate that a card skimming device has been installed. Card skimmers are put in place by fraudsters who hope to capture your card information for later use.
  6. Monitor your accounts as often as possible. Be sure to check your account transactions on a regular basis. With tools like online and mobile banking, you don’t have to wait to receive your statement to view your transactions. Remember, you have 60 days to initiate a dispute for a fraudulent transaction on your account, so report suspected fraud as soon as possible.

I hope these tips will help you to keep your debit card information safe from fraudsters. Should you suspect your debit or credit card has become compromised, report it to us immediately by calling (281) 331-2253.

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