Text Notifications for Card Fraud

Get text messages from us as soon as we detect fraud on your card!

Our fraud protection has been upgraded! All Chocolate Bayou cards (debit and credit) have been enrolled for text alerts to help you detect fraud quicker and more efficiently. You will receive a text notification when we suspect unusual activity on your cards!

Simply reply to our text with a “Yes” or “No” if the transaction was made by you or not.

If you did make the transaction, reply “Yes” and the fraud case will deactivate, and you can continue using your card as normal. If you did not make this transaction, by replying “No” your card will be locked, so no more transactions will be authorized! Call or visit the Credit Union to order a new card.


Why you’ll love this new feature:

  • No additional cost to you
  • No enrollment required
  • Proactive, real-time communication when fraud is suspected
  • Quick and easy process
  • When you confirm “No” fraud, any temporary restrictions are lifted and fraud case is closed
  • If you do confirm fraud, you will be given a phone number to talk to someone